Still the life of the party!

Spuds Mackenzie still knows how to party but he also knows how important it is to live a healthier lifestyle so he can have fun all day long.

The King of Dogs

Spuds was a TV star back in the 1980's. He has never given up the party lifestyle but he has changed for the better. He no longer drinks beer but he still surfs, wears sunglasses, and parties hard!

The Ultimate Health Mutt

Spuds 2.0 is focused on his health and the well being of his furry friends. He plans to introduce a line of better for you consumer products in 2025.

Back in the day

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The New Spuds

Spuds Mackenzie is coming back! Stay tuned as we add new dog friendly products that help Spuds to be the life of the party!